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AustraliaFoster's Australia, 77 Southbank Blvd, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia
In 2007 Carlsberg and Foster's signed a licence agreement for both Carlsberg and Tuborg brands, previously with Independent Distillers. Foster's has a dominant position in the Australian beer and wine market.
Carlsberg also has an agreement with the Coopers Brewery in Adelaide to manufacture our non-alcoholic Birell brands, originally from Switzerland.
7 40
AustriaStiegl Getränke & Service GMBH & CO. KG, A-5017 Salzburg, Kendlerstrasse 1, Austria
Carlsberg was introduced in Austria at the launch of the the Alpine World Championship in St Anton in 2001, where we were one of the main sponsors.
In 2008, an even bigger sporting event sponsored by Carlsberg took place in Austria – the European Football Championship - Euro 2008. To prepare for this event and increase our presence in the market, we began working with the biggest independent brewery in Austria – Stiegl Brauerei – in 2006.
The Austrians consume 108 litres of beer per person per year, which makes them number three in Europe, after the Czechs and the Germans.
6 10
BelarusAlivaria Pivzavod, ul. Kiseliova, 30, Minsk, Belarus BLR-220002
Carlsberg Group has been active in Belarus through exports from Baltika in Russia and since December 2006, also through a shareholding in the privately owned Olivaria Brewery.
The Olivaria Brewery in Minsk was established in 1864. It has 580 employees and a brewing capacity of 940 000 hl. The company's main brand, 'Alivaria', is one of the most recognised brands in Belarus with a market share of approximately 18%.
7 8
BelgiumCarlsberg Importers SA., Industrielaan 16-20, 1740 Ternat, Belgium
Carlsberg was the first international beer introduced in Belgium in the early twentieth century, and today it is the leading beer in the international premium segment. The fact that it has gained such popularity in a country with a very strong local beer tradition says a great deal about the strength of the Carlsberg brand.
In Belgium, the Carlsberg, Tuborg, Kronenbourg 1664 and Tourtel brands are marketed and distributed by Carlsberg Importers, in which the Carlsberg Group holds a 10% stake. The Carlsberg brand has enjoyed continued growth during the last years and has strengthened its position as premium segment leader.
10 337
BrazilImported by various breweries
In Latin America, the beer drinking culture is driven by a favourable climate - and a passion for football.
The Latin American market is strongly dominated by local brands but in the recent years, the imported premium segment has on key markets like Mexico been growing and beer consumers are opening up toward new trends from "the new world" in Europe.
Carlsberg has been available in Mexico since 2007. It is distributed by Cervezas Internacionales (part of Group Modelo) that has strong relationships with Carlsberg Breweries.
In Paraguay, Carlsberg was re-launched in the end of 2011 after 10 years of absence and is distributed by Bebidas del Paraguay (part of Cartes Group).
6 4
BulgariaCarlsberg Bulgaria, 1 Business Park Sofia, Mladost 4, Sofia 1766, Bulgaria
Carlsberg Bulgaria dates from 2002, when Carlsberg acquired a majority shareholding in Shumensko pivo and, later the same year, in the Pirinsko pivo brewery. The two breweries merged to become Carlsberg Bulgaria in 2004.
Carlsberg Bulgaria is the third largest and the fastest growing beer company in the country with a 27% market share.
The Shumen brewery began local production of Tuborg in 2004, and in 2006 sales of the brand increased by 33.5% in just one year. Holsten has also been produced locally since 2006, but Carlsberg beers are imported.
Carlsberg Bulgaria is part of Carlsberg South East Europe.
6 1
CanadaCarlsberg Canada Inc., 2630 Bristol Circle, Suite 300, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 6Z7, Canada
Carlsberg has been brewed in Canada since 1972 and is one of the best-known international beer brands in the country.
Carlsberg Canada Inc was established in 2004 and now handles marketing and sales of most of Carlsberg Group brands across Canada.
In early 2008 local production of Carlsberg was halted and the brand is now imported from Europe along with the Tuborg, Kronenbourg, Holsten, Tetley's, Baltika and Okocim brands.
11 127
China/Hong KongCarlsberg China , 8/F, Tower E, Phase III, GT-Land Plaza, 13 Zhu Jiang East Road, TianHe District, Guangzhou 510627, China
Carlsberg is one of the first international brewers who exported beer to China more than 130 years ago. In the late 19th, the first batch of Carlsberg beer travelled halfway around the world to China.
Carlsberg officially began its business in Greater China in 1978. The company inaugurated the Carlsberg Brewery in Hong Kong in 1981, which became the base for Carlsberg’s expansion into mainland China. In 1995, Carlsberg acquired a major shareholding in a brewery in Huizhou, Guangdong. From that time on, Carlsberg’s presence in the mainland was assured. In 1999, all production was moved from Hong Kong to Huizhou. The Carlsberg Brewery Guangdong in Huizhou now supplies products to mainland China, Hong Kong, and the Macau markets.
19 239
CroatiaCarlsberg Croatia, Ulica Danica 3, 48 000 Koprivnica, Croatia
Carlsberg Croatia with its highest quality brands brings fun and refreshment to consumers.
Carlsberg Croatia sets the example within the area of corporate social responsibility where it is guided by six Carlsberg Group CSR policies whose implementation ensures sustainability of its business and responsible act in the community.
Koprivnica's brewery is the only brewery in Croatia with modern waste water treatment plant. Additionally, it is the only brewery that regularly publishes Annual Environmental report, which was in 2010 integrated within in its first CSR report.
9 26
CyprusPhotos Photiades Distributors ltd., P.O.Box 12740, 2252 Latsia, Nicosia, Cyprus
Cyprus was the first country outside Denmark to be granted a Carlsberg brewing licence. This happened in 1967, mainly due to the effort and investment of Mr Photos Photiades, Chairman and founder of the brewery.
The Carlsberg brewery in Cyprus was built in 1969. It was welcomed by the Cypriot public as it ended a longstanding monopoly and gave consumers an international, premium quality beer brewed on the island.
Today Carlsberg is recognised and sold as "the number one selling beer in Cyprus". The main competitor is the local brand Keo. As well as the production of high quality beer, Carlsberg is also known as one of the island's leading sponsors of sports and music events.
6 19
DenmarkCarlsberg Danmark, Vesterfælledvej 100, 1799 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Carlsberg’s brewery in Valby, Copenhagen was founded by JC Jacobsen on 10th November 1847.
In 1970, Carlsberg merged with the other leading Danish brewery, Tuborg. Carlsberg Danmark became a fully owned subsidiary of the Carlsberg Group in 2000 and merged with Coca-Cola Tapperierne Danmark in 2001.
Carlsberg has also owned the Wiibroe brewery in North Zealand since 1964 and began brewing Wiibroe beer in 1998.
At the end of 2008, Carlsberg Danmark moved all production from its Valby site in Copenhagen to the Carlsberg brewery in Fredericia, thus leaving the industrial Valby site open for a town development project.
Headquarters both of the Carlsberg Group and Carlsberg Danmark will remain in Copenhagen.
37 2,190
FinlandSinebrychoff, Sinebrychoffinaukio 1, 04250 Kerava, Finland
Founded in 1819, Sinebrychoff is Finland’s leading manufacturer of beers, ciders, soft drinks and energy drinks, producing around 400 million litres a year.
The Finnish Karhu, KOFF and Nikolai brands are the most famous and popular beers in Finland, while the growing House of Beer selection includes the world's leading beer brands as well as Sinebrychoff’s own special beers. Carlsberg, Tuborg and Kronenbourg are among the popular brands by Carlsberg Group.
Sinebrychoff is part of the Carlsberg Group and has produced Carlsberg under licence since 1972.
7 50
FranceBrasseries Kronenbourg, 68 route d'Oberhausbergen, F - 67037 Strasbourg Cedex 02, France
Brasseries Kronenbourg was founded on 9th June 1664 by Jérôme IV Hatt in Alsace (East of France). The Hatt family headed the company until 1977.
Since the fifties Brasseries Kronenbourg is France’s leading beer company, with a unique 350-year know-how and a famous portfolio of beer brands.
Carlsberg arrived in France shortly after 1945 and is now distributed by Brasseries Kronenbourg. Both Carlsberg Beer and Carlsberg Elephant Beer are available in France, with Elephant Beer proving particularly popular in French trendy bars.
In 2008 Brasseries Kronenbourg became 100% part of the Carlsberg Group.
7 53
GermanyCarlsberg Deutschland GmbH, Holstenstrasse 224, 22765 Hamburg, Germany
There are about 1,300 breweries in Germany – more than in any other country – and German beer has an excellent reputation for quality.
The German beer market has been rather sheltered from the rest of the world because of the German Reinheitsgebot (purity) regulation, which dates back to 1516. This dictates that the only ingredients allowed in beer are water, hops and barley-malt. After its discovery, yeast became the fourth legal ingredient and sugar is also permitted for top-fermented beers.
Carlsberg brands have been exported to Germany for decades, so it was natural for the Group to gain a foothold in the country. In 1988 Carlsberg took over Hannen-Brauerei, which was an “Alt-Bier” brewery in Mönchengladbach, and in 2004 acquired one of Germany’s leading breweries – Holsten-Brauerei in Hamburg.
16 149
GreeceMythos Brewery S.A., 171 Ippokratous Street, 190 04 Spata, Greece
MYTHOS BREWERY is the second largest brewery in Greece and a member of the Carlsberg Group. The production plant is located in Thessaloniki where Mythos, Kaiser, Kaiser Double Malt, Kaiser Blonde and Henninger beers are produced.
The company also imports and distributes throughout the country international beer brands: the Danish Carlsberg, the Mexican Corona Extra, the Irish Guinness and Kilkenny registered trademark by Diageo Ireland, the Belgian Grimbergen, the Bavarian Weiss bier Schneider Weisse and the French Kronenbourg 1664 as well as Magners Irish Cider.
6 2
GreenlandCarlsberg & Coca-Cola, P.O. Box 1880, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland
Carlsberg and Tuborg products are imported from Carlsberg in Denmark and bottled at Nuuk Imeq in Greenland.
Carlsberg and Tuborg are the leading beer brands in the market. The products from Nuuk Imeq are distributed by Pilersuisoq to the western part of Greenland, whereas beer sold in eastern Greenland is directly imported from Denmark.
Carlsberg holds a 32% stake in the Nuuk Imeq bottling facility, which is highly successful and holds a very strong position in the market.
All sales and marketing is handled by Carlsberg through a sales manager based in the Greenland's capital Nuuk.
6 1
IcelandVifilfell, Studlahalsi 1, 110 Reykjavik, Iceland
The Icelandic beer market is approximately 180 000hl. Beer is mainly sold through the state monopoly ATVR, which accounts for 75% of total sales.
Danish beer is popular in Iceland, with almost 30% share of the total beer market. Carlsberg and Tuborg are the dominant players among the international beers and have both enjoyed strong growth over recent years.
6 3
Indonesia PT. Delta Djakarta Tbk, Jl. Inspeksi Tarum Barat, Bekasi, Timur, Indonesia
One of the biggest players in Indonesia’s beer industry today, PT Delta Djakarta is the manufacturer and distributor of some of the best beer brands in the world under the Anker, Carlsberg, San Miguel, and Kuda Putih trademarks. The company is also a key figure in the country’s non-alcoholic beverages market; with brands Sodaku and Soda Ice among Indonesia’s top-sellers.
6 8
IsraelIsrael Beer Breweries Ltd., 5 Bar Lev Avenue, Ashkelon 78191, Israel
Founded in 1992, the Israel Beer Breweries (IBBL) in Ashkelon is a "state of the art" brewery which produces Carlsberg and Tuborg.
Carlsberg and Tuborg were launched on the Israeli market in 1992. Initially they were imported from Copenhagen, but in 1995 local production began at a greenfield brewery. The brewery is situated above a large underground aquifer and uses the high quality water in the production process.
In terms of market share, Carlsberg is the leading international brand in Israel, with Tuborg taking second place.
9 120
ItalyCarlsberg Italia SpA, Via Ramazzotti 12, 20020 Lainate (MI), Italy
Industrie Poretti, founded in 1877, is one of Italy’s historic breweries. The licence production of Tuborg began back in 1975 and Carlsberg acquired a 50% shareholding in the company in 1982. This was increased to 75% in 1998 and the company changed its name to Carlsberg Italia. Carlsberg gained 100% ownership of the company in 2002.
Carlsberg Italia operates the historic brewery in Varese in Northern Italy recently renewed and owns the beverage distribution network T&C
Italy has one of the lowest rates of beer consumption in Western Europe, although there has been a steady increase over recent decades. Both Carlsberg and Tuborg hold significant positions in the premium segment.
10 119
JapanSuntory Ltd., 1-2-3 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-8430, Japan
Suntory Ltd has produced and distributed Carlsberg in Japan under licence since 1986.
The Japanese have unique tastes in beer, preferring it unpasteurised and fresh. Carlsberg has created a special beer for the market which not only tastes fresher but also, thanks to a special cooling filter, retains its freshness for a long time. It has become one of the leading international draught beers in Japan.
The Carlsberg Profile bottle was launched in 2006 and is available in trendy Japanese and international bars and restaurants.
7 14
KazakhstanCarlsberg Kazakhstan, 270 V, Kazybayev str., Almaty, 050014, Republic of Kazakhstan
In 2002 Carlsberg entered the beer market of Kazakhstan via purchase of the major ownership in a local Irbis brewery (through the JV BBH). Later in 2003 Carlsberg acquired one more local brewery Ak-Nar, which produced the very popular local beer DERBES. Later that same year these two breweries were merged into one on the production site of Ak-Nar Brewery. By the end of 2005 the Ak-Nar Brewery was renamed into the DERBES Brewery Ltd. which means Independence or Freedom in Kazakh language.
Today the Carlsberg Kazakhstan portfolio includes more than 26 beer brands such as Carlsberg, Kronenbourg1664, Tuborg, Baltika, Cooler, Nevskoye, Derbes, Irbis, Alma-Ata, etc. The Company is also the exclusive distributor of the Mexican beer Corona Extra.
6 5
LatviaAldaris Brewery, Tvaika Iela 44, Riga, Latvia 1050
The Aldaris Brewery in Riga, which was founded in 1865, became part of a joint venture (BBH) owned 50% by Carlsberg in 1992. Since 2008 it has been owned 100% by Carlsberg. Today Aldaris is the leading and most developed brewery in Latvia.
Aldaris was the first company in Latvia to gain ISO 9001 certification and it won the first Latvian Quality prize in 1997.
Aldaris produces more than 17 different light and dark lager beers based on traditional recipes. This includes the beer that carries the company's name – Aldaris – which is the oldest and one of the most popular beer brand in Latvia.
6 3
LithuaniaSvyturys-Utenos Alus, Pakalnes g. 9, LT-01112 Vilnius, Lithuania
Švyturys–Utenos Alus unites two of the strongest Lithuanian breweries.
One is Svyturys (Lithuanian forlighthouse) - the oldest working brewery in Lithuania. The other is the modern and ambitious brewery Utenos Alus. For a decade Švyturys-Utenos Alus was part of Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH), but since 2008 Švyturys-Utenos Alus is solely owned by Carlsberg.
Švyturys-Utenos Alus has been producing Carlsberg pilsner since year 2000. Carlsberg pilsner now accounts for 70 % of the international premium beer segment in Lithuania and is growing in popularity.
7 55
MalawiCarlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited, Malimidwe Road, Makata Indusrial Area, P.O. Box 406, Blantyre, Malawi
Officially opened on 14th December 1968 , Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited (CMBL) was the first Carlsberg brewery outside Denmark. Located in the heavy industry area of Makata, it is the only state-of-the-art brewing and beer packaging facility in Malawi and is capable of producing 380,000 hl of beer per year.
Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited contributes to the national and local economy as a responsible employer, business partner and producer of top quality brands. It also supports government efforts in community development programmes, such as sports promotion, environment and HIV/AIDS initiatives. The brewery has strong links with the promotion and development of golf and soccer for the healthy and positive economic development of Malawi.
6 5
MalaysiaCarlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad, No 55, Persiaran Selangor, Section 15, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Incorporated in December 1969, Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad began brewing Carlsberg Green Label beer locally in 1972. Since then, the brand has become part of everyday life and is the undisputed market leader in the Malaysian beer market.
Carlsberg Malaysia through its subsidiaries also offer a wide range of imported international beer brands such as Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Budweiser, Foster’s and Beck’s. This strong portfolio further reinforced Carlsberg Malaysia’s market position as the brewer that can offer Malaysian consumers seven of the world’s top international beer brands.
27 216
New ZealandIndependent Liquor (NZ), Boundary Road Brewery, 116 Boundary Rd,, Red Hill, 2110 Auckland, New Zealand
In 2004, Independent Liquor (NZ) began license production of Tuborg. This was followed by local production of Carlsberg in 2005.
Independent is primarily known in its market for ready-to-drink products, such as Mudshake, KGB and Woodstock, but it has been ambitiously building its position as a competitor to the large breweries in the country.
6 2
NorwayRingnes AS, Thorvald Meyersgate 2, P.O. Box 7152, 0307 Oslo, Norway
Ringnes is Norway’s leading beverage company producing beer, water and soft drinks.
Carlsberg acquired the sole ownership of Ringnes in 2004.
As an innovative company which is constantly evaluating the market opportunities, Ringnes has taken advantage of the trends in water, sugar-free soft drinks and non-alcoholic beer - a range of products which has enjoyed incredible growth over the past year. Ringnes has a total market share for beer of 51%, soft drinks 36% and water 68%.
7 19
PolandCarlsberg Polska, ul. Ilzecka 24, 02-135 Warszawa, Poland
Poland imported Carlsberg beer until the late 1990s, when Carlsberg acquired a shareholding in the Okocim brewery. Okocim began producing Carlsberg under licence in 1997.
In 2001, Carlsberg also acquired the Bosman, Kasztelan and Piast breweries and restructured the entire
Polish operation. Today, Carlsberg Polska is a 100% owned company within the Carlsberg Group and a solid number three player in the Polish beer market, which is one of the world’s top 10 by volume.
The Carlsberg brand was also re-launched in 2001 and became the fastest growing international brand in Poland, with a sales increase of 671% in just one year.
9 26
PortugalUnio Cervejeira S.A., Via Norte - Leça do Balio, Matosinhos, S. Mamede de Infesta, 4466-955, Portugal
With the intention to strengthen the control over the Unicer group the Portuguese companies SARC, COSAR, Cervuniao and VIACER have decided to make an offer for the 28% outstanding shares in the market.
Carlsberg, which is a shareholder in SARC, COSAR and Cervuniao, is aware of the above-mentioned transactions, and the agreements regarding production, marketing and sale of Carlsberg's brands in Portugal will remain in force.
Today, Unicer is an associated company in the Carlsberg Group and will continue to be so in future.
8 39
RomaniaUnited Romanian Breweries, 89 Biruintei Bd. Pantelimon, Ilfov, 077145 Romania
United Romanian Breweries, known as Tuborg Romania, was the first beer company in Eastern Europe to develop a modern brewery from a greenfield project.
The brewery has a production capacity of 2.1 million hl, employs more than 850 people and contributes millions of dollars annually to the Romanian economy. It also offers job opportunities to around 4,000 others through dealers, distributors and suppliers directly connected with the company’s activities.
Since its establishment, United Romanian Breweries has played an active role in society by offering products of the highest quality and focusing on a cleaner environment and a better way of life.
7 47
RussiaBaltika Breweries, 3, 6 Verkhny pereulok, St. Petersburg, 194292, Russia
The Russian beer market is considered one of the largest in the world. In 2011 total volume of the Russian beer market was 91 million hectolitres making it the fourth largest beer market in the world (Euromonitor).
According to the Russian Brewers' Union there are now approximately 250 breweries in the country.
More than 80% of the Russian beer market is held by five key players: Baltika Breweries (Carlsberg Group), SUN InBev, Heineken, Efes and SABMiller Rus.
Baltika Brewery was established in 1990, and in 1992 became part of a joint venture (named BBH) owned 50% by Carlsberg. Since 2008 it has been owned 88.86% by Carlsberg.
6 43
SingaporeCarlsberg Singapore Pte Ltd, 238A Thomson Road #13-08/10, Novena Square Tower A, Singapore 307684
Since its establishment over 30 years ago, Carlsberg Singapore has grown into a dynamic lifestyle brand which boasts an ever-expanding portfolio of alcoholic beverages to complement all lifestyles. Here, it is acknowledged as the Number One imported premium beer in Singapore and Number Two in the total Singapore market.
Today, Carlsberg Singapore is proud to count some of the world’s most well-loved and established brands in its portfolio – Carlsberg Green Label, Carlsberg Gold, Carlsberg Special Brew, Kronenbourg 1664, Kronenbourg BLANC, SKOL, Danish Royal Stout, Corona, Tetley’s, Jolly Shandy and Somersby Cider.
Presently, Carlsberg Singapore acquires most of its beer from Malaysia, France and Mexico.
7 25
SpainGrupo Mahou San Miguel, Paseo Imperial 32-34, S-28005, Spain
In Spain Carlsberg is distributed by Mahou San Miguel, who also distributes Kronenbourg 1664, Grimbergen and Tetleys. Mahou San Miguel is the second largest brewery group in Spain.
Spain has the highest beer consumption per capita in Southern Europe. Social events are an integral part of Spanish culture and beer plays just as important a role as wine.
Carlsberg Beer is available in bottles, kegs and cans.
8 58
Sri LankaLion Brewery Ceylon Limited, No. 254 Colombo Road, Biyagama, Sri Lanka
In 1993, the Ceylon Brewery became a subsidiary of Carson Cumberbatch & Co Ltd, a diversified group of Sri Lankan businesses. Considerable re-building was undertaken and the brewery was developed from a family company into the leader and creator of the national beer industry.
Lion Brewery is the market leader with a share of 86%. All five brands in its portfolio - Lion Lager, Carlsberg, Carlsberg Special Brew, Lion Stout and Strong Beer - have a substantial market share. However, the extremely high excise tax on beer means Sri Lankan consumers are moving towards spirits.
7 16
SwedenCarlsberg Sverige, Bryggerivägen 10, 161 86 Stockholm, Sweden
Carlsberg Sverige has its headquarters in Stockholm, with a brewery in Falkenberg producing beer and soft drinks, and a water bottling facility in Ramlösa.
Carlsberg brands have been imported into Sweden for decades, but were only produced here from 1996 when Carlsberg took over the Falcon Brewery from the multinational Unilever. In 2001, Carlsberg and Orkla merged all brewing activities, bringing Pripps Ringnes and Falcon into the same group. Carlsberg acquired sole ownership of the merged company in 2004.
Carlsberg Sverige is the leading beverage company in the country, producing and selling brands such as Carlsberg, Falcon, Pripps Blå, Ramlösa, Pepsi and Festis. It has recently increased its portfolio with strong international brands, such as Beck’s, Stella, Bass, Brooklyn and Boddingtons.
9 33
SwitzerlandFeldschlösschen Beverages Ltd, Theophil-Roniger-Strasse, 4310 Rheinfelden, Switzerland
Feldschlösschen has been the largest brewery in Switzerland for more than 135 years. It was acquired by Carlsberg in 2000 and has now become the leading Swiss beverage company.
Based in Rheinfelden, Feldschlösschen has three production plants and 17 logistics locations. Its two breweries and one mineral water bottling facility produce 11 in-house brands and more than 50 different beverages.
In addition to Carlsberg, Feldschlösschen has a large portfolio of its own beer brands and mineral waters, as well as leading brands from other producers.
9 75
ThailandCarlsberg Brewery (Thailand) Company Limited, 14 Sangsom Building, Viphavadi Rangsit Road, Ladyao, Jatujak, Bangkok, Thailand
The Danish Carlsberg A/S ("Carlsberg") has signed an agreement with the Asian Chang Beverage Company to form Carlsberg Asia Ltd. ("Carlsberg Asia"), a 50-50 joint venture that will administrate and develop the companies' marketing and brewing activities in the Asian region.
Carlsberg Asia will, through its own breweries and licensed operations, brew 17 million hectolitres of beer in its first year of operation. Carlsberg beer is expected to represent 2 million of this volume.
The new company will be established on January 1, 2001 with the head office in Singapore.
6 26
TurkeyTurk Tuborg Bira ve Malt Sanayii AS, Kemalpasa Cad., No:52, Isikkent, Izmir 35070, Turkey
Türk Tuborg was established in 1967 through a partnership between Tuborg and Yasar Holding, and production of the Tuborg brand started in 1969. Carlsberg took over the majority shareholding of Türk Tuborg in 2001.
In 2008, the sale of Türk Tuborg was announced. The brewery became part of the CBC Group – Carlsberg’s partner in Israel, Romania and Albania. As part of the deal between Carlsberg and the CBC Group, Türk Tuborg continues to produce Carlsberg, SKOL and a number of Tuborg brands on licence.
10 104
UkraineCarlsberg Ukraine, Kiev Brewery, 137 Krasnoznamennaya Str., 03026 Kiev, Ukraine
Carlsberg Ukraine has more than 3.500 employees in the breweries in Kiev, lviv and Zaporizhzhya. The Kiev brewery was started as a green field project and opened in 2004. Zaporizhya brewery was acquired like part of the Carlsberg Group in 1996 and Lvivska brewery - in 1998.
In 2010 the beer market decreased by 1.7%. At the same time in 2010 our market share increased to 28.6%. Since 2009 Carlsberg Ukraine has kept a strong second position at the beer market in Ukraine.
8 34
United Arab EmiratesCarlsberg Breweries, Po Box 502148, Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Carlsberg has been present with its brand in the region for decades. In 2003 a Carlsberg Group office was established in Dubai U.A.E to build closer relationship with partners in the region and support the strong sales of Carlsberg's portfolio.
The portfolio includes various product lines from alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages including Carlsberg, Tuborg, Kronenbourg, Somersby, Tetleys among others as well as non-alcoholic beverages such as Moussy and Holsten.
All Carlsberg brands are currently exported to the region with the exception of Iran where Holsten non alcoholic is locally brewed through a license partner.
In the Middle East alcohol is only permitted in a few markets like U.A.E. Oman Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan and Iraq.
6 4
USAAnheuser-Busch, 721 Pestalozzi Street, Saint Louis, MO 63118, USA
As of April 1, 2009 the Carlsberg group brands are distributed by Beverage Alliance, importing Carlsberg beer directly from Denmark. However, Carlsberg has been available in the US for several decades.
The USA beer market is one of the biggest markets in the world. It has been dominated by two brewing giants, Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors, but recently small "hand crafted" beers from local breweries have been attracting a growing following.
American consumers can choose from the Carlsberg port folio, including Carlsberg Green Label (in bottles and kegs), Carlsberg Elephant - or they can go for one of the other high quality brands; Kronenbourg 1664, Tetley’s English Ale or Okocim.
6 33
UzbekistanCarlsberg Uzbekistan, 1, Temirchi Street, Tashkent, 100207, Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan was chosen in 2006 as the host country for the first Carlsberg “greenfield site” for a new brewery in Central Asia.
Carlsberg Uzbekistan commissioned the state-of-the-art brewery, with initial annual capacity of 1.0 million hectoliters, in Tashkent during June 2007. This capacity was increased in late 2009 up to 1.3 million hectoliters.
Our first local brand, «SARBAST®» was first delivered to retail outlets in July 2007.
The brewery currently produces four local options «SARBAST® Original TM», «SARBAST® Extra TM», «SARBAST® Special TM» and «SARBAST® Strong TM» plus the international brand «TUBORG Green».
8 4
VietnamSouth East Asia Brewery, 167B Minh Khai, Hanoi , Vietnam
Carlsberg entered Vietnam in 1993 through the joint venture South East Asia Brewery and currently owns 100% of this company. In 1994, Carlsberg acquired 50% of the Hue Brewery Limited (HBL), the market leader in Central Vietnam. Hue Brewery Limited became a wholly owned subsidiary of Carlsberg when the company acquired the remaining 50% in 2011.
In 2008, Carlsberg acquired a minority share in Ha Long Brewery in North West Vietnam and currently owns 31% of this company. That same year, the company created a joint venture with HABECO, the leading brewing group in North Vietnam, in the form of Hanoi Vung Tau Brewery Joint Stock Company. In 2009, Carlsberg became a strategic investor in HABECO, acquired 17% stake in this government owned entity. In 2014, Hanoi Vung Tau joint venture has been converted into fully owned subsidiary of Carlsberg Vietnam.
7 15
Unknown IssuesCan you help? Please let us know if you know which counries any of these coasters are from. Thanks.
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